Our top 3 virtual team building events for engagement!!

So, the beginning of 2021 may not be as we’d all have liked/hoped as we all plod on through lockdown 3.. BUT do not fear, we have the perfect way to keep your team engaged and having fun, just when they think they cannot take anymore! Our virtual team building events are all designed to be highly engaging, interactive and FUN. Whether you’re looking for some light entertainment with our interactive virtual Magic Show, or a chance for your colleagues to really communicate and work together in our virtual Escape Rooms, we can guarantee that we will have the perfect virtual team building event for your group!

It was tough, but we have managed to pick our top 3 virtual team building events for engagement. These include our Virtual Race Night (horse racing), Virtual Murder Mystery and our Virtual Escape Rooms. The start of every year can be slow and choosing one of these virtual team building events will be exactly what your team needs! Read on to see why these are the best virtual team building events for engagement….

Virtual Race Night

Our virtual horse racing event is the perfect mix of fun, competitiveness and team building. This virtual team building event allows lots of time for teams to work in breakout rooms, as well as lots of interaction in the main event room, so you truly get the best of both!

This event can be fully personalised to your company, so there will be no ‘zoning out’ when Joe Bloggs see’s that the next race is named after him! Plus, it is a well-known fact that the louder you cheer, the faster your horses go… of course! This really is a top tier virtual team building event that you just HAVE to try.

Murder Mystery

Our virtual murder mystery event is guaranteed to draw you in from the moment it starts. Our amazing actors are in character from start to finish and provide great entertainment throughout.

Teams will question the actors one by one in their breakout rooms to try and get to the bottom of the murder… who, how and why!? It is just like the live shows with real actors, all dressed the part too! Could you get a better distraction from the pandemic than having to solve a murder with your colleagues!? I don’t think so. With 4 different scripts to choose from, this is not a virtual team building event to be missed!

Escape Rooms

Riddles, clues and various challenges all to be completed against the clock… what more could you want from a virtual team building event? Our virtual escape rooms are fast paced and require teams to work together throughout to escape the room in time! The variety of tasks means there is something for everyone and teamwork is needed!

This virtual team building event is perfect for keeping teams engaged as they are interacting the whole time to complete the different stages in order to progress. This virtual event is sure to bring out the determination and competitive nature in participants.

Why Virtual Team Building?

In the world we are currently experiencing, team building events have never been more crucial to keep employees interested, engaged and motivated in their job role. Virtual Team Building is a break from the usual zoom meetings, client calls and emails. Our virtual events combine laughter and silliness with achievement and teamwork - just what your team needs. They are a great way to reward your group too.

Our wide range of different virtual team building events allows for different styles of events and activities, so there is something to suit everyone and each virtual event can bring something different to the participants.

Not sure what your team needs? Just call us today and we can suggest something to suit your requirements :) .

Happy Zooming!

Article Posted on Thursday 21st January 2021 at 7:01am