Why team building is the best investment you will ever make...

Team Building activities come in all shapes and sizes but the overall goal of them all remains the same. Team building is ultimately done to increase the success of the business by bringing company colleagues together and working on something fun and enjoyable out of the office. It is a chance to bring teams closer in a different environment so that they can bond and build on company values and the biggie – TEAMWORK. Sometimes the effects of team building can be underestimated, so here is a little more about why they are the best investment you will ever make…

Team building encourages creative thinking as it gets staff working with new people in different ways. It allows your team to practice thinking ‘outside the box’ which motivates and inspires your workforce to be more innovative at work and come up with new solutions and ideas. Team building activities are designed to challenge teams to work through solutions, tasks and activities together, which leaves them feeling accomplished and motivated after completing them!

Communication is another one of the key strengths of team building activities. Communication in any business environment is crucial to achieving success and collaboration amongst colleagues. Team building activities give staff from different departments/offices/job roles the chance to meet and make relationships that will then continue to grow back in the office and produce results. Creating relationships whilst doing something competitive in a ridiculous outfit is the best way… right!? Another major part of team building days is to reward your staff for their hard work and commitment to the company. Who wants to be part of a team where they don’t feel valued and appreciated for what they do!? A fun team building event is the perfect way to thank your staff and acknowledge their achievements each year. Josh Green, Campaign Manager for Tenpin said;

“Having worked for companies that do team building days and companies that don’t, I’ve found that the environment in which I worked is a lot more positive, creative and fun when they incorporate team building days into their year and I feel like a valued member of the company!”

Now more than ever companies need to think about introducing team building activities into their annual plans. COVID-19 has seen the majority of employees at many workplaces working at home for months and this is likely to become the norm for a large number of people. Therefore, team building has never been more important to keep your team communicating, collaborating and feeling rewarded. Give your staff the pick me up they need after the strangest year we have ever seen! In summary, the benefits of team building are huge and can really make the difference to the way your team works to produce results! I guess all we can say now is, what would you like to book and when!?

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Article Posted on Monday 24th August 2020 at 9:08am