Virtual Team Building Events With NewWave Events

Virtual Team Building Events

Here at NewWave Events we have been working hard to offer you the most popular virtual team building events! With the current pandemic, companies have had to go through a big adjustment process in order to stay connected. Platforms such as Zoom and Teams have become a normality for most companies and all meetings, conferences and events have gone virtual with individuals working remotely. NewWave Events has also switched to virtual, and we are now offering virtual team building events for companies who want to keep their staff connected and motivated throughout such a hard period.

We have taken the years of experience from live events and recreated them virtually. We have adapted the entertainment, structure, and props to suit the virtual events world presenting you with the closest experience to that which you would receive on a live event!

Different Types Of Virtual Team Building Events

Since we have stepped into the virtual events world, we have delivered hundreds of virtual team building events for variety of clients who are coming back to us month after month for more entertainment and laughter! We have designed each virtual team building event to suit different requirements and to provide different outcomes.

Some of our virtual events are very competitive and team based with the use of breakout rooms and scoring systems and others are there for a bit of fun to connect the team and have a light-hearted afternoon/evening. Groups range from 10-500 people and our professional hosts will use their magic to keep the whole virtual room engaged. Whatever you are looking for we can suggest the best virtual event for you! Here are a few of our most popular virtual team building events:

Our Top Virtual Team Building Events

Virtual Musical Bingo: Packed with latest hits and an energetic host who will get the whole group dancing!

Virtual Race Night: A classic afternoon at the races with licenced horse racing footage, a professional host, dressed up totes and plenty of virtual fun money!

Virtual Murder Mystery: 4 different scripts available, real actors (suspects) ready to be questioned. The murder needs to be solved and we need your help! The detective will guide you through the case.

Virtual Task Master: The task master will challenge your team to the most hilarious challenges, leaving your team talking about this event for days!

Virtual Escape Rooms: You will be split into teams trying to escape our most popular room! Plenty of clues and challenges to go through – but is your team quick and clever enough to escape? This one is intense!

Virtual Magic Show: Absolutely incredible virtual experience! Our two magicians will have your mind blown. They will be showing, and also teaching you tricks that you can use at your own pleasure! Perfect for a virtual ice breaker or a family show for you kids to enjoy too!

How Do Virtual Team Building Events Work?

We have designed all our virtual team building events to be easily accessible to all participants. We will send you a Zoom link prior to the event along with all the required paperwork that is needed to take part such as Bingo Packs. Our professional hosts will provide all the entertainment and explanations to ensure your event runs without a glitch…With additional staff for larger groups we guarantee a smoothly run virtual team building event and an awesome experience. Fully interactive and engaging!

Our preferred virtual platform is Zoom, due to its functionality and ease of use, however in some cases we are happy to use Teams, Google Meet and others if required. As soon as everyone is in the virtual events room, you can sit back and enjoy the show! We take care of everything from team allocation, to scoring, to managing breakout rooms.

Do We Host Virtual Team Building Events In Teams Or Individual?

Our virtual events are designed to increase engagement, bring people together and boost morale and we believe all of this can be achieved through teamwork. During virtual team building events you will be split into teams by our host and staff who will make sure it is done smoothly, without people waiting too long for the virtual event to start. No one wants a boring start!

Depending on the virtual event we sometimes use breakout rooms for teams to gather ideas and make their game plan. This allows the competitive events to be as realistic as if you would be sitting in a conference room at your own tables. Most Virtual Musical Bingos are done individually however ours is slightly different because although you have an individual Bingo Packs, you are also celebrating your bingos in teams which means you are still engaging and interacting together.

Our virtual team building events are suitable for small groups of 10+ to 500 people. Give us a quick call and we will be able to recommend the most suitable evet for your group.

Why Do Virtual Team Building Events With NewWave Events?

    Virtual team building events are incredibly fun – no we are not just saying this, we actually mean it! Our team worked very hard to provide the best virtual experience!

    They keep your team connected virtually

    They are as close to the real version as possible meaning you are not missing out on the experience.

    Our virtual events are easy to organise and don’t require much time to plan

    Virtual team building events add that extra spark to the usual Zoom call/conference – giving your staff that break they need

    NewWave Events have you covered with support whenever you need us with friendly and welcoming staff to answer any queries. Our virtual hosts are brilliant too!


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