Corporate Race Night

This corporate race night will provide a highly entertaining evening for all participants! We will theme your chosen venue with racing artefacts and transform it to look and feel like a real racecourse!





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Corporate Race Night

Additionally our professional compere will provide plenty of lively banter, which will provide maximum levels of fun and excitement at your corporate horse racing evening!

During your event our tote assistants in jockey silks interact with your guests providing race cards personalised with your company details and fun betting money. The race card is carefully considered and the form guide noted. Then, either individually or working as a team, guests are invited to place their bets and see who wins!

After each race the winning bets are paid out at the tote booth and the team/individual with the most fun money at the end of the evening is declared the winner!

Throughout the horse racing event we will be playing memorable historical flat or jump based races filmed on English racecourses with professional commentators!

The atmosphere of our corporate race night will provide an unforgettable end to any corporate evening and team building event. If you have any questions about the event, give us a call!

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Corporate Race Night

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Live Recordings of Horse Racing

Our event is the closest thing to real horse racing. NewWave Events has worked hard to develop an event which has an authentic feel to it. Our race night has real recordings of English races which bring a lot of tension and excitement to the room with every team rooting for their chosen horses. We like to throw in some extra bonus challenges to keep the participants on their toes too! We will broadcast each race on a big screen with a PA system. Depending on the group size, we will also recommend a microphone for a larger audience.

Teamwork at the Race Night

Our Race Night is a fun and engaging way to improve teamwork in the workplace. Participants will interact with people they may not necessarily have had a chance within the office. The event encourages social interaction and healthy competition, and we all know that having a common goal (winning) can bring you closer!

Charity Race Night

Charities need funds to continue helping their communities so we can help you help them with our charity race night! The event can be personalised to suit fundraising needs with fun money turning into real cash which can accumulate to large amounts by the end of the race night. Our races can be personalised, and people can sponsor each race to maximise the fundraising efforts. We encourage fun and relatable names suitable for your company!

Social distancing

In order to continue doing what we love, we had to adapt and change the way we work – without sacrificing your FUN! We have carefully chosen events that can be socially distant and we have put them all together on this page for you to select from. We will liaise with your chosen venue or adapt your offices to make sure the 2m social distance is kept at all times.

Virtual Race Nights

We also organise virtual race nights which are basically our live events turned virtual. The hosts, props and structure stay the same! Read more here: Virtual Race Night



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