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Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that takes football to a whole new level! Our Zorb Football Events promise a day filled with laughter, excitement, and friendly competition. Whether you're a seasoned football enthusiast or a new player, our Zorb Football activities are designed to bring out the fun in everyone.






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⚽ Hilarious Football with a Twist: Imagine playing soccer while encased in a giant, inflatable zorb ball. It’s football, but not as you know it! Bounce, roll, and crash into opponents – the laughter is guaranteed, and the memories are unforgettable.

🎉 Perfect for Corporate Team-building: Foster teamwork and camaraderie as your colleagues collide, tumble, and score goals in this unique and entertaining twist on the traditional game of football. It’s an experience that brings colleagues together in a whole new way.

🌐 Indoor and Outdoor Options: Whether you prefer the great outdoors or the comfort of an indoor venue, our Zorb Football Events can be tailored to suit your location preference. Choose the setting that best fits your team’s style.

🏆 Tournaments and Friendly Matches: Engage in friendly competition or organize a full-blown Zorb Football tournament. Our events are customizable, allowing you to create an experience that aligns perfectly with your team’s preferences.

💼 Corporate Packages: Tailor the Zorb Football experience to suit your corporate group. From casual team-building sessions to competitive tournaments, we offer customizable packages to meet your specific requirements.

These can be a stand-alone activity or work well combined with other activities as part of a multi-activity day. Click here for other activity ideas to add to your event..

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Ready to roll, bounce, and score your way to an unforgettable event? Contact us now to book your Zorb Football extravaganza and add a dose of laughter and team-building to your corporate gathering.

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Where can we provide Zorb activities?

If you have a venue in mind we can have a conversation about the space we will need for the Zorb events. If you need suggestions please do let us know as we have a huge selection of venues all around the UK that will be suitable for your team building event.. We regularly work in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Windsor, Oxford, Bristol & Milton Keynes but can come to any city or town!

Can I add different activities?

We have a huge range of multi activity options for your corporate away day. We can also combine these activities with inflatables, side stalls or target sports. Each event is different so we create a bespoke package just for you! We can create a structured team building event or come and try options for a family fun day.

How do you make sure everyone is safe?

Our team are highly qualified professionals who are there to make sure everyone has fun but most importantly is safe. We can guarantee that the safety measures we take are of the highest of standards. If you have any questions on our procedures at the multi-activity day, give us a call and we can talk you through it.

Group sizes

Our events are suitable for small numbers of 5 to over 500 people. The multi-activity event is a popular choice for a large group of people due to the ease of planning as well as cost. We will take care of the management on the day, so you can join in on the fun too!

How easy is it to plan a multi-activity day?

All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know your vision. We will ask few questions about numbers, location and what you are trying to achieve from the multi-activity day. We will create a bespoke package with suggested activities and we can adapt and swap them until you are 100% happy with the choices. We will contact the venue to arrange the logistics and confirm timings of the event in case you have a conference or a dinner to attend to!



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Getting the right location for your event is almost as important as the event you do! We’ve taken the time to collect and publish the very best venues around the U.K. You can choose to see what venues are available from our list of HOT SPOTS, or check out full list – all below!

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