Workplace Yoga & Mindfulness

Workplace Wellness

‘Wellness’ has become a buzzword in the workplace that most people are likely to have heard, regardless of the sector they work in, but most don’t truly understand what it means!

The Ultimate Guide on how to increase staff engagement

Staff Engagement Team Building

Are your employees lacking the motivation and missing that spark you expected them to have? In this guide you will discover tops tips on how to increase staff engagement in your workplace. We will give you valuable information on how to change your office dynamics and create a working environment you always wanted – resulting in decreased staff turnover and increased staff satisfaction levels.

Why team building is the best investment you will ever make…

Invest in team building events

Team building encourages creative thinking as it gets staff working with new people in different ways. It allows your team to practice thinking ‘outside the box’ which motivates and inspires your workforce to be more innovative at work and come up with new solutions and ideas. Team building activities are designed to challenge teams to work through solutions, tasks and activities together, which leaves them feeling accomplished and motivated after completing them!