The Ultimate Guide on how to increase staff engagement

Staff Engagement Team Building
Are your employees lacking the motivation and missing that spark you expected them to have? In this guide you will discover tops tips on how to increase staff engagement in your workplace. We will give you valuable information on how to change your office dynamics and create a working environment you always wanted - resulting in decreased staff turnover and increased staff satisfaction levels.

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Be flexible and understand your employees circumstances

Your staff may have a lot more to worry about at home. Understanding how you can support your employees will show that you care. Talk to your employees about how you can adjust their workload to suit their personal circumstances. Working from home and allowing shorter hours where required may work out more efficient and productive in the long run, resulting in happier and more engaged staff.

Encourage social interaction in the office

There is nothing worse than sitting at a desk for the whole day without talking to anyone or listening to music. We understand this form of a break is not for everyone but encourage your employees to communicate and talk about their day. From experience, the best ideas come from unplanned business meetings! If your employees feel comfortable in their workplace, they will more likely share their ideas or concerns openly.

Set clear goals and work together

Spend some time establishing goals that you wish to achieve with your employees. Organise an informal meeting to discuss what’s most important to them and list objectives that you would like to see in the upcoming months. Talk about timeframes and what could stop them from achieving your business goals.

Stop micromanaging

We understand it’s hard to not get involved in every single project and check up on your employees to make sure they are doing everything correctly, especially if it’s your business or you are the manager. Unfortunately, this is not the best practice and will result in your employees doing less and less because you will tell them what to do anyway. This is NOT the way to make your employees feel valued! Create a project plan, give guidance if requested, do weekly catchups but don’t ask for updates every hour. It’s not cool!

Extra touches

Create an environment which is warm and welcoming. A coffee and tea station are an obvious add on to your workspace but try to be a bit more creative. We know it’s hard staying motivated and productive all the time so a change of scenery or extra touchers are a great way to stimulate those brains. We understand a slide in a middle of an office may not be in the budget, but you could introduce a bean bag area, an office day in a café or a treat bar with some creative sweets with your logos. Some other ideas may include:

  • Ping pong table
  • Fat Fridays (takeaways)
  • Slipper Wednesdays
  • Cereal station
  • Yoga afternoons (contact us for a wellness package)
  • Sticky note wall with daily quotes from employees
  • Cocktail trolley with a choice of different types of cocktails
  • Personalised water bottles
  • Flashbacks to your favourite decades (dress up)
  • Photobooth Week

Corporate Team Building – Company Fun Days – Evening Entertainment

The most effective way to increase employee engagement is by organising a team building event, which will bring your team closer by reflecting your company’s values and by simply encouraging interactive fun! If you are out of ideas or would like something with a WOW factor to surprise your employees, we have some excellent outdoor team building events including our famous Dragon Boat Racing, It’s a Knockout or Company Fun Day with a great selection of target sports, inflatables, simulators and traditional side stalls. We can personalise each event to make sure you achieve your goals.

We also offer indoor team building activities that can be arranged around your day or evening. Whether you want a structured team building event like Crime Scene Investigation or a relaxed ‘come and try’ Pub Games we can plan it all. No event is too big or too small.

Lastly, it’s becoming very popular for companies to invest in their Christmas parties, planning big gala dinners and award nights. It’s a great way to celebrate your team and your company, so why not make a night out of it! We absolutely love themed evening events with added entertainment. We have an excellent selection of themed events such as Winter Wonderland or Willy Wonka with performers, decorations and food options. For more ideas visit our Evening Entertainment page. There is no better way to bond than over a glass of wine/beer celebrating your wins!

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