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Workplace Wellness
‘Wellness’ has become a buzzword in the workplace that most people are likely to have heard, regardless of the sector they work in, but most don’t truly understand what it means!

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It’s easy to assume that being ‘well’ simply means being free of illness or injury and living a ‘healthy lifestyle’; being mindful of what you eat and keeping active…The reality is that it is so much more than that.

So what is ‘wellness’ then?

Most simply put, wellness refers to the act of actively working to improve and optimise our health- physically AND mentally!

Yes it includes nutrition and exercise- things that are the foundation of keeping our bodies healthy, able and full of energy. But also includes nurturing areas like social connectedness, mindfulness and even sleep.

In the workplace, wellness encompasses being motivated to achieve goals, nurturing relationships, being able to effectively eliminate stress and having adequate energy to get things done. (All things that can seem difficult to achieve in the current work climate!)

In short, it is the stuff that takes your team from surviving, to thriving!

With today’s work environment requiring long periods of sitting at a desk, endless overtime, excess screen-time and general compromise of health to achieve goals, finding time for wellness at work is more important than ever.

Studies are increasingly showing that the wellness of employees has a great impact on their ability to work effectively.

It’s been shown that happier and healthier employees are able to be more creative, less likely to take time off for sickness and are able to produce more effective results when morale is high. Essentially, the wellness of employees should be of great interest to the individuals themselves and to the employer too.

Chances are, you may think that you have already created an environment that promotes wellness. Often, when working in a team, communicating regularly and sharing common goals it feels as though everything is working well. In reality, there is probably potential for a team to work together even better.

That’s where we come in.

At NewWave, we have partnered with wellness specialists G & E to offer you a range of wellness activities to add on to your corporate team building day. We make it easier and more fun than ever to make Workplace Wellness and the health and happiness of your employees a top priority.

“we believe that for a team to truly connect well together, they must first connect with themselves”

Our workplace wellness sessions provide an opportunity for people to do both!

We take aspects from the ancient practice of Yoga and meditation and mix them with more recent science of movement, breathwork and mindfulness to bring you a well rounded approach to wellness.

Learn how the power of your breath can help you manage stress, how doing movement can actually increase your energy levels and what mindfulness techniques will keep your mind focussed and productive.

Our wellness offers are a perfect conference energiser, breakout session or even team build activity.

So what are you waiting for?

Enquire now to find out what Workplace Wellness offerings will work at your event!

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