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NewWave Events is a leading provider of Dragon Boat Racing events in the UK! Perfect for team building, networking, fundraising and staying active!





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Corporate Dragon Boat Racing Events

Hello from NewWave Events! If you are looking for an active day out the office, team building for your colleagues, a charity fundraising event or if you’ve simply never heard of dragon boat racing and think it would be great fun – You are on the right page! No experience necessary, just communication and teamwork!

We are the UK’s No.1 supplier of Dragon Boat Events, helping companies around the country to bond in a fun and competitive way! Whether it is a small corporate dragon boat team building day or a large corporate dragon boat racing event with thousands of people, bankside entertainment and catering – NewWave Events will take care of every small detail to make sure your event is safe and runs like clockwork!

If you are not sure which style of dragon boat racing event you need just contact us or visit our specialist dragon boat events website https://dragonboatevents.co.uk

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Corporate Dragon Boat Racing Events

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Where can we organise Corporate Dragon Boat Racing event?

If you have a venue in mind we can have a conversation about the space we will need for Corporate Dragon Boat Racing event.. If you need suggestions please do let us know as we have a huge selection of venues all around the UK that will be suitable for your team building event. We regularly work in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Windsor, Oxford, Bristol & Milton Keynes but can come to any city or town!

Great as a team building event

Corporate Dragon Boat racing can offer a great team building event because it encourages communication, trust, and collaboration among team members. It provides an opportunity for team members to work together to cross the finish line and build an overall sense of team unity. Additionally, this form of racing allows for participants to build and master their paddling technique, which can lead to developing other workplace skills such as problem-solving and time management. Finally, dragon boat racing is a physical exercise that is both fun and challenging, which can provide the opportunity for team members to build relationships both on the boat and off the boat.

Unique event idea for your team building event

Ignite the competitive spirit of your team with our Corporate Dragon Boat Racing Events, a unique event idea for your away day that offers a thrilling and unforgettable team-building experience on the water.

Group sizes

Our events are suitable for small numbers of 5 to over 500 people. This team building event is a popular choice for a small and large group as it keeps everyone engaged throughout. We will take care of the management on the day, so you can join in on the fun too!

How easy is it to plan a team building event?

All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know your vision. We will ask few questions about numbers, location and what you are trying to achieve from the team building day. We will send you a proposal based on your requirments and once you confirm we will contact the venue to arrange the logistics and confirm timings of the event incase you have a conference or a dinner to attend to!



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Getting the right location for your event is almost as important as the event you do! We’ve taken the time to collect and publish the very best venues around the U.K. You can choose to see what venues are available from our list of HOT SPOTS, or check out full list – all below!

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