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Our Spy Hunt events are a great way to get your team out of the office! Our Spy Hunt events can be booked as a fun day or with a team building aspect in mind. Both iPad Spy Hunts and Traditional Spy Hunts are designed to suit the venue or a specific location/city. The whole event is uniquely designed to suit your team's objectives. We can throw in some company specific tasks too!

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Spy Hunt Event

Dive into an electrifying team building event with our Spy Hunt, a thrilling twist on the classic treasure hunt experience! Picture your team divided into groups of approximately 10, each equipped with a personalized briefcase containing a dossier brimming with intelligence. Inside, you’ll find a list of rendezvous points where you’ll meet secret agents to embark on challenges and earn the coveted currency of the day – The Spy Dollar!

Armed with digital cameras, Spy Dollars, a unique password, and a mission pack, your team sets out on a series of intelligence-gathering tasks across your chosen region. The mission? It’s yours to execute, strategize, and accumulate the most Spy Dollars!

From rendezvousing with undercover agents for further intelligence to deciphering clues at static locations, cracking codes for cash rewards, and exploring local points of interest, your mission spans over 3 hours with approximately 10 different assignments awaiting completion. Some tasks promise cash rewards, while others offer valuable intelligence – but be cautious, for double agents may be lurking in the shadows!

Earning extra Spy Dollars is a breeze – simply compile a portfolio of photographic evidence as requested in your team’s confidential dossier. But beware, undercover surveillance operatives could be monitoring your every move, so time is of the essence! Be punctual at the designated rendezvous point for the briefcase drop – there’s no room for error in this high-stakes spy game!

Rest assured, our experienced staff are adept instructors, ensuring a safe and exhilarating team building event for all participants. Wear suitable attire and footwear for outdoor exploration and city navigation – minimal fitness is required, and we provide all necessary equipment for the mission.

Choose from a variety of start and finish points, whether it’s an office, bar, café, or restaurant – the choice is yours, tailored to suit your preferences. Join us for an unforgettable Spy Hunt team building event, where teamwork, strategy, and team building collide in a pulse-pounding quest for victory!

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Where can we organise the Spy Hunt event?

We can design the spy hunt event almost anywhere in the UK or abroad. Each spy hunt is designed for a specific location before the event, therefore we can deliver it almost everywhere. Some popular locations include: London, Cambridge, Bath, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Windsor. If you have a large group and don’t want them to leave the venue we can even deliver it on the venue grounds.

How does the iPad Spy Hunt work?

Once you are split into teams, your Event Manager will explain all the rules and details of the Spy Hunt. The GPS tracker will allow us to know where the teams are and unlock certain challenges based on their location. Instant feedback & live results allows us to create a smooth event that everyone can enjoy whilst sticking to the allocated times.

Can we end the Spy Hunt at a different location to what we started?

This is very popular options with our clients. If you don’t have a specific venue booked and would like to have an activity in the afternoon you can surprise your team with the final location “PUB!” It adds to the excitment of the day and teams can share their collected treasures whilst enjoying some food and drink!

Group sizes

Our events are suitable for small numbers of 5 to over 500 people. The Spy Hunt event is a popular choice for a large group of people due to the ease of planning as well as cost. We will take care of the management on the day, so you can join in on the hunt too!

What's the duration of the Spy Hunt event?

The standard event time is 2.5 hrs however we understand that sometimes our clients have a conference or other commitments, so we can tailor the spy hunt event to suit your schedule.



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