Medieval Day

Become a Knight for the day and battle it out with your colleagues at one of our fully themed medieval team building days.

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Medieval Day

This unique medievel event is interactive and a whole lot of fun! You may opt for a full day event or a selection of smaller medieval activities to last just a couple of hours. This event also works great with a medieval banquet and other theming and evening entertainment ideas.

Jump right into medieval times with our exhilarating activities and dress in traditional medieval clothing! Activities include target jousting, longbow archery, trebuchet building and the ultimate battle of the champions! Teams will be awarded points for their performance on each activity and an overall winner will be crowned at the end of the event, so get practicing with your trebuchet!

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Medieval Day

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Where can we organise the Medieval day event?

If you have a venue in mind we can have a conversation about the space we will need for the Medieval Day event. If you need suggestions please do let us know as we have a huge selection of venues all around the UK that will be suitable for your team building event.. Want to stick to a budget? If you have enough space outside of your office, we can run the event there too. We regularly work in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Windsor, Bristol & Milton Keynes but can come to any city or town!

What type of activities can I expect?

MilitarySkill-At-Arms (medieval broadswords & axes)Armour-Geddon (correctly arming up for battle…)Spear DrillBallistics (longbows, crossbow & Ballista)Popinjay ArcheryCraftsCarolling (medieval dance)Medieval Cookery (‘MasterChef 1200AD’)Skep weaving (creating bee hives)CalligraphyThese are by no means exhaustive and can readily sit aside more ‘common’ activities from Falconry to Juggling and medieval-themed team games. Activities can be set up at any suitable site and will also include a large array of authentic medieval tents, banners and accoutrements, bringing the site to life in a colourful and vibrant way, as well as a PA system with medieval music (or live musicians if you prefer).

Why Medieval Day event?

It’s a completely unique team building event, taking the participants 800 years back! They will learn skills that will last them a lifetime.

Group sizes

Our events are suitable for small numbers of 5 to over 500 people. The Medieval Day event is a popular choice for a large group of people due to the ease of planning as well as cost. We will take care of the management on the day, so you can join in on the fun too!

What's the duration of the Treasure Hunt event

The standard event time is 2.5 hrs however we understand that sometimes our clients have a conference or other commitments, so we can tailor the medieval day event to suit your schedule.



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